Dave Robertson Photography - Professional photographer in Cape Town, South Africa

About the Partially Nomad Exhibition series

An on-going series of limited edition C-prints mounted on Dibond.
From the exhibition  'Partially Nomad' - Res gallery, Johannesburg 2014.

"In this body of work, the artist has combined his passion for photography with his passion for painting, by fusing these two art-forms into a series of captivating artworks. Robertson presents us with a lens into the unseen world, a liminal, in-between space that is at once undeveloped and developed - a space that is ‘becoming’. His images are narratives of that which is not immediately apparent but can be found just under the ‘skin’ of the perceived, physical world. This ‘skin’ translates literally as photographic emulsion and the lens is provided through the interaction of paint and photographic emulsion."

Prints are available in two sizes from an edition of 7.
  • 100cm x 40cm
  •   75cm x 31cm
transition No.11
transition No.32
transition No.8