Dave Robertson Photography - Professional photographer in Cape Town, South Africa

About the Rain Exhibition, Cape Town series

An interpretation of life on the streets of Cape Town in the winter of 2008, captured from the interior of my car during persistent rainy outbursts.

Throughout the process of capturing these images there was a strong sense of the rain-splattered windows of my vehicle acting as a barrier separating me, the protected insider from the outsiders whose lives were in disruption.

This experience increased my awareness of the divide between the life of an insider and an outsider.

Photographed entirely through the windows of my car, the images are not digitally manipulated apart from the obvious adjustments of colour and contrast.

Prints are available in three sizes:

  • 59cm x 42cm     edition of 9
  • 84cm x 59cm     edition of 9
  • 120cm x 84cm   edition of 3
sea point #2 Cape Town 2008
long street #5  Cape Town 2008
loop street #1 Cape Town 2008
 woodstock #1 Cape Town 2008
de waal drive #3 Cape Town 2008
victoria road #6, Cape town '08
sea point #1 Cape Town 2008
kloof street #8 Cape Town 2008
buitensingel street #1 Cape Town 2008